First Baptist Church Of Hicks Addition (FBC)

Pastor Craig A. Finley
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The Danger of Sleeping in Church:
Winning Against Anxiety and Worry:
Dr. Kelly R. Booker, Stay With The Lord:
Rev. Clarence Bell, B.O.O.T Camp 2.0:
Dr. Phillip Finley, Are You Fit For Kingdom Purpose:
Unshakable Faith:
Healing in the Name of Jesus:
A Fresh Look at Church -
Rev. Sheila Milsap, Remember Lot’s Wife -
Stay With the Ship:
The Danger of Self-Sufficiency:
Seeing Clearly:
You Must Be Born Again:
The Faith of a Crippled Man: 
A Formula for Praise:
Lessons From Hannah:
Forbidden, Pt 2:
Unfailing Love:
Unhinged Love Part 3: Love, Jealousy & Devotion Part 3:
The Story of Jacob Rachel Leah Pt 2:
Love,Jealousy and Devotion Pt1:
Craig Finley Trusting Jesus At His Word :
Craig Finley What else do I need to do:
C. A. Finley The Character of a Powerful:
Rev Craig Finley The Greatest of These:
Rev. Sheila Milsap, Until He Came Back:
Rev. Clarence Bell Walking on Faith:
Let's stay Together:
A Letter of Commendation:
Good News For Difficult Times, Part 1:
Good News For Difficult Times, Part 2:
Good News For Difficult Times, Part 3:
Rev. Craig A. Finley - A Call To Praise:
Rev. Craig A. Finley - Just A Touch:
Rev. Craig A. Finley - Go Forward:
Be Renewed: